Odell Lawson with Children

Odell Lawson, Sr.'s roots began at birth in Ponca City, Oklahoma, where he spent his childhood to the beginning of his adult life. "Butch" as he was known, was a product of the public school system in Ponca City where he enjoyed a very active childhood, which later inspired him to excel in athletics. Odell graduated from Ponca City High School and went on to attend college at Langston University. At Langston University, Odell was a stellar athlete, which earned him an invitation to the NFL Draft, where he was drafted by the New England Patriots for the position of running back.

During his tenure with the NFL, he played with the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, and New Orleans Saints. It was in New Orleans in the early 1980's that began a pivotal point in his life. While he was a player with the New Orleans Saints, Odell met his sweetheart and lifetime mate, Annette Malone. He and Annette were later married and they became the parents of four children, which added to his daughter from a previous marriage. Also during this time, Odell ended his football career and chose to remain in New Orleans with his family. He continued to work with the Saints in another capacity, and realized that he had a certain passion fro the security business.

He became employed with the Orleans Public School System - Security Division, in addition to the Security Department of the Louisiana Superdome where he rose to the ranks of Lieutenant. It was at the Superdome where he ventured into a new career which sustained him throughout the ramainder of his life. It was there that Mr. Odell Lawson met Mr. Ed Robinson, which began a partnership for life. Odell and Ed both worked at the Superdome and began a small "body guard service", just the two of them, which later expanded to a full size company with over 200 employees, serving the Greater New Orleans Area and also broadened to the national circuit with clients. During this time, Odell obtained several certificates and certifications in the field of security. Odell made a decision to leave the Superdome and devote more time to the School System and L & R to enhance their knowledge as Security Consultants. Mr. Lawson's role at L & R was Director of Operations.

AS the company continued to grow and demanded most of his time, Odell retired from the School System to direct his full attention to L & R Security. L & R Security grew as one of the largest "Minority owned Security Companies" (by African Americans), in the city of New Orleans. His work with L & R afforded him many memorable experiences and opportunities to travel around the nation and to other countries through work and for pleasure as well. Odell took pride in managing such events in Security for Essence Festivals, NBA Finals, 19 Super Bowls, PGA Golf Tournaments, LPGA Golf Tournaments, US Open Golf Finals (One held in Oklahoma), 29 Jazz & Heritage Festivals in New Orleans as Project Manager for Security, and over thousands of conventions and other special events. According to Odell, "L & R was one of the best decisions that I made in my life, aside from my family."

Even with all his accomplishments, Odell felt that his biggest achievement was his family, being a father to Odell, Jr., Angelle, Antoinette, Ashley & Marla, and husband to Annette. Although "Butch" settled in New Orleans, he never forgot his roots that began in Ponca City Oklahoma. He always traveled back to the place where his life began to maintain his relationship with his family and friends at the place he loved and would never forget.